Song to Greet Dolls

When the blue-eyed messengers were welcomed to Japan from America, a welcome song was composed for the occasion. The lyrics were written by the famous Tokio Takano. 

Dr. Gulick's translation of song

Welcome to you, pretty American Dolls!
Happy are we, happy as can be,
To see your dainty little faces shine
With love of far-off friends beyond the sea.

Dear American Dolls, though you have come
A long, long way o'er ocean lanes unknown,
Lonely you must not be, nor pine for home--
For this, our land of flowers, is now your own.

You seem to us, pretty American Dolls,
Like little brothers, little sisters true.
Fair, sweet, and gentle-hearted as you are,
We will all love you and be nice to you.

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