Tamako Chichibune

Japanese dolls were sent as a present from the entire country of Japan in thanks for the Blue-eyed Dolls from America.

The Chichibu Region of Saitama Prefecture gave a local doll named Tamako Chichibune.


October 15, 1927

Dear Americans,

This cute doll that we are giving as our messenger is called Tamako Chichibune since she was born here in Saitama Prefecture.

Tamako's hometown is next to Tokyo, but the ocean can not be seen from here. Instead, the peak of Chichibune, named after a Japanese prince, rises in the distance. From that mountain extremely pure water gushes forth. As the water flows it sparkles like broken jewels on the rocks, so the area around this river has excellent places known throughout Japan for their famous scenery. Since Tamako has been washing her face every morning in this water, please look, and you will see that she is pretty like a pearl.

In the open fields small hills continue on and on like waves. The fields are all well plowed, and there are groves of trees here and there among the fields.

The little girls of Saitama like outdoor exercise very much, and they play various games with a stick to the point they do not lose to the boys. If possible, we would like to play a game with Tamako and go with her to everyone's home.

It was spring, the time cherry blossoms bloom, when we received the letters from everyone in America. Just now it is autumn, the time we can smell chrysanthemum flowers. The chrysanthemum is even the seal of our country's Imperial Family. We are so happy to be able to give Tamako to you at the time when this flower is blooming.

Please love this doll Tamako dearly as we love the chrysanthemum flower.

Representing Tamako's hometown friends,

Mihoko Uchida, Sixth Grade
Elementary School of the Saitama Prefecture Teacher's School

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