A complete list of the organizations which purchased and dressed the fifty-eight dolls from the Clinton County area as printed in the Wilmington News Journal on December 16, 1926:

Yani Club, Wilmington
Home Makers Class, Church of Christ, of Wilmington
English Club, Wilmington
College Y.W.C.A., Wilmington
Sabina Thrice Five Club
Wilmington Baptist Church
East End Harmony Club, Wilmington
Mothers Club, Wilmington
Baptist Church Sunday-school, Wilmington
Methodist Junior Sunday-school, Wilmington
Dover Sunday-school Friends
Kensington Club, Wilmington
New Vienna Methodist Sunday-school
Loyal Daughters Class, Church of Christ, Wilmington
Rainsboro Methodist Sunday-school
Prospectors Class, Friends, Wilmington
Blanchester L.T.L.
Port William M.P. Aid Society
School of Religious Education (two dolls) Wilmington
Martinsville Friends Sunday-school
Sabina Methodist Sunday-school
Willing Workers Class and W.F.M.S. Clifton Avenue M.E. both of Springfield
Friends W.M.S. Wilmington
Presbyterian W.F.M.S., Wilmington
Chester Friends Sunday-school
Methodist Women's Bible Class, Wilmington
Friends Helpers Class, Wilmington
Springfield Friends Sunday-school
New Vienna Women's Club
Presbyterian Seekers Class, Wilmington
Methodist Aid Society, Wilmington
Children Friends Sunday-school, Wilmington
Chester W.C.T.U.
Presbyterian Light Bearers, Wilmington
Friends Beech Grove Sunday-school
Sharon Methodist Aid Society
Clarksville Friends
Fairview Friends Sunday-school
Dover W.C.T.U.
Friends Ladies Aid, Wilmington
Conversation Club, Wilmington
Rebekah Lodge, Wilmington
Six and Twenty Club, (two dolls) Wilmington
Loyal Berean Class, Church of Christ, Wilmington
Lumberton M.E. Sunday-school
W.F.M.S. Church of Christ, Wilmington
Progress Club, Wilmington
Laura B. Sparks, Friends, Wilmington
Ladies Auxiliary Catholic Church, Wilmington
New Burlington M.E. Sunday-school
Shadyside Women's Club, Wilmington
Altruistic Club, Leesburg
Blanchester M.E. Sunday-school
Blanchester Universalist Sunday-school
Peace Committee, Friends Church, Wilmington

Originally published as a booklet by the United Society of Friends Women International in 1986
Dedicated to Edna Smith, President of The United Society of Friends Women, International, 1980 to 1986

Special thanks to Mary Elizabeth Stanfield for permission to republish her book as a web page

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