Grace is the name of this doll that is labeled as "MADAME HENDREN DOLL 216" made by GENUINE Company. The school principal at that time asked one of the female teachers to keep the doll safe because "he could not burn such a cute doll." It is said that the teacher discussed the situation with her mother-in-law and hid the doll in a storeroom. She reported to the children that she had burned the doll. In 1977, the doll was returned to the school by this teacher after spending many years inside the storeroom. Her clothes and other things were all just like they had been before. 

It is said that 194 dolls arrived in Mie Prefecture out of the 12,739 "Friendship Dolls" that were sent based on the appeal of American Dr. Sidney Lewis Gulick in 1927. However, in the prefecture there are now 9 dolls that have been kept by the goodwill of the people of those days.

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