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On March 8, 2001 (Thursday), a Blue-eyed Doll came from America. Her name is Helen.

Mr. and Mrs. Gulick, who live in America, have continued to give Blue-eyed Dolls to Japanese elementary schools since 1987. To begin with, Mr. Gulick's grandfather gave 12,700 dolls throughout Japan in 1927 as a sign of friendship and peace. Afterward, Japan went headlong into war, and many dolls were burnt and destroyed as enemies. However, despite these unfortunate times, 200 dolls in Japan were kept safe. Mr. and Mrs. Gulick, who heard this story and were touched in their hearts, gave new dolls to schools that kept with care the original dolls.

Within Yamagata Prefecture, new dolls have already been given to 11 schools. However, through the good offices of Hikaru Yamaguchi, Principal of Yamagata City's Daiichi Elementary School, which is one of these 11 schools, this time a doll was given to Daiju Elementary School, a sister school of Daiichi. We are very grateful to Mr. Yuji Suzuki and Mr. Tsutomu Shoji of the "Blue-eyed Doll Executive Committee," which carried out this plan.

Greetings from Mr. Yuji Suzuki
" World peace is having
a kind heart and a strong heart."

Helen Getting Together with Students
"Great friends"

Song of Welcome by Chorus
"A Blue-eyed Doll .  .  ."

Helen, let's be friends.

Mr. Hikaru Yamaguchi
(Principal at Daiichi Elementary School
 in Yamagata City)

Principal Hikaru Yamaguchi, who was so kind to speak at the presentation of Helen, introduced the above heartfelt poem during his greetings to us. (Below is an English translation of the poem.)  

Messenger of Peace

Blue-eyed Mary, our treasure.
The kindness and strength
Of  those who watched over this doll,
Yesterday, today, and to an endless tomorrow.

  Note: Mary is the name of the doll at Daiichi Elementary School.

From Children's Compositions

Third grade - Miki Fukushima

    Helen came today to Daiju Elementary School. I was looking forward very much to Helen coming here.
    I want Helen to learn many things, such as all of our names and our school's history.
    There was also a bag for Helen. It is made by hand.
    I want to quickly become her friend.

Third grade - Tahei Okuyama

    Today Helen came to Daiju Elementary School from America.
    When I arrived at school this morning, I was eagerly wondering what type of doll it would be.
    The meeting began, and the doll came to the gymnasium. At last the doll was presented. Helen was wearing yellow clothes. I think she is cute.
    I was very happy because my school is now one of those schools where there is a doll.
    I also want to take good care of her.

Special thanks to Yamagata City Daiju Elementary School for permission to publish this web page.
This is an English translation of a Japanese web page (link no longer available).

Friendship Visit to Yamagata City Daiju Elementary School

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