New Blue-eyed Doll       Amanda

Amanda, together with Blossom, is now at Honcho Elementary School. Every year on March 3 there is an "Amanda and Blossom Assembly" to greet Blossom and Amanda. At this assembly, we do skits, sing songs, and listen to a story by Ms. Wakabayashi from the Yokohama Doll Museum.

But why did Amanda come to this school, Honcho Elementary School? Actually, Amanda also is a doll that was sent by Mr. Gulick, 3d.

Furthermore, at Honcho Elementary School we are searching for the 58 Torei Ningyo (Japanese Friendship Dolls). Now 47 have been found, and there are 11 remaining. Since one of the dolls was carried away in a flood, the number remaining is really only 10. 

Honcho Elementary School not only has Blossom and Amanda, we are searching also for other Blue-eyed Dolls in Japan.

Everyone, let's take good care of these dolls!!

Fifth Grade       Yasuka Araki       (creator of this web page)

This is an English translation of a Japanese web page (link no longer available).

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