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Friendship Dolls
Fun Links

  • Kids Web Japan - Tons of interesting information on Japanese daily life, traditions, schools, sports, history, and culture.

  • Where Is Ms. Bale? - Ms. Bale (in photo at top right) learned about Friendship Dolls on her visit to Japan. Her page has over 200 photos of fascinating aspects of Japanese life, including Japanese students and scenes inside Japanese schools.

  • Dolls Festival (Hina Matsuri) - Photos and information about the March 3rd festival. Site has pages on other Japanese holidays.

  • Yahooligans Japan Page - Links for children.  Includes links to Japanese culture, traditions, education, and history.

  • Friendship - Web site created by four elementary school girls.

  • Kids' Japan - Play a fun game to climb to the top of Mount Fuji by answering questions about Japanese kids' life at each of the 15 levels of  the mountain.

  • The Friendship Page - Page devoted to exploring the topic of friendship in a positive and friendly manner. Great ideas on how to celebrate International Friendship Day on August 1.

  • Kid's Life in Chichibu - Introduces Japanese children's life in Chichibu through their photographs.

  • Japanese Prefectures - Map with location of Japanese prefectures (similar to states in U.S.). Site has links to official home pages of the prefectures if you want to learn more about one of them.

  • Photographs of Japanese Children - Take a look at kids in Japan in both traditional and modern dress.

  • International Friendship Day - Children in Singapore celebrate a holiday to learn more about the history, culture, products, food, and costumes of people in other countries.

  • How to Wow! with Japanese - Great site for learners of Japanese language. Also has information on culture such as Japanese National Holidays.

  • Edo Japan, A Virtual Tour - Edo, the old name for Tokyo, is where the Shogun lived and ruled Japan. Explore traditional Japan in this web site.

  • Japanese Castles - Beautiful photos of 25 castles in Japan.

Last update: August 22, 2004

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Photo at top left courtesy of Fuchu News Sokuho (Hiroshima Prefecture)
Photo at top right courtesy of Nancy Bale