Reprinted with permission from
Dolls of Friendship, 2nd Edition,
copyright 1997, Sidney L. Gulick, 3d

Tickets and Passports

The Committee on World Friendship Among Children published an attractive leaflet about the doll program.  The leaflet contained the following section on tickets and passports for the American dolls to be sent to Japan:

All travelers to foreign lands must have proper tickets. These are to be secured from the local Doll Travel Bureau.

The local business and ticket agents (the boys) should write to the Doll Travel Bureau for reservations not later than November 15, 1926. This is necessary in order to secure proper accommodations.

On account of the large number of travelers expected, the Bureau has secured special rates from the railroads and steamship companies. Each ticket costs ninety-nine cents. This includes the railroad ticket in the United States, the steamer fare (including stewards' fees), the railroad fare in Japan to the final destination, and the expenses in connection with the distribution in Japan.

In addition to the ticket, each doll should have a passport. This, the children can be told, is a letter of introduction from the government of the United States to that of Japan, giving assurances that the traveler is a well-behaved citizen of the United States and will observe with care the laws of Japan during the proposed visit. The passport, to be effective, needs the visa of the Japanese Consul General. This visa signifies that the Japanese government has examined the passport of the prospective traveler and not only permits entry into the country, but agrees to take good care of the traveler during the period of the visit.

This passport, properly visÚd, should be secured from the Doll Travel Bureau. The passport fee is one cent.

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