Reprinted with permission from
Dolls of Friendship, 2nd Edition,
copyright 1997, Sidney L. Gulick, 3d

Farewell Message to Japanese Dolls

On November 4, 1927, eight-year-old Masako Matsumoto, a student at a Tokyo elementary school, gave the following farewell message to the Japanese Friendship Dolls:

We received very, very nice dolls from American friends. These dolls were messengers of peace. How happy we were at that time. Now we are asking our Japanese dolls to go to America to say thank you. Today our dolls, Miss Hideko Yamato and fifty-seven others, are going to sail to the Land of Stars and Stripes. We are very happy that the dolls are ready to leave, but also we feel a little sorry that we must now part.

Our dear messengers, when you get to that land, please tell our real warm hearts to the American friends, and also tell them that we are thankful to have those American dolls and that they are having a nice time since they came. Our American friends must be waiting for your arrival. I do hope they will love you. If so, we shall be so happy, because we too will become good friends. I think there are many interesting things to see in that country, such as big houses, nice parks, beautiful flowers. American girls will show you such pretty things. Please tell them our interesting fairy tales.

You must be in the boat two weeks to cross the Pacific Ocean before you get to America, but you will not be lonely, for you have many friends. Please take good care of yourselves. We are praying for your happy and safe voyage and we shall never, never forget you, even forever. Good-bye, Miss Hideko Yamato and other fifty-seven dolls. Now let us sing a song of farewell to you.

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