From the Associated Press, November 25, 1927.

Japanese Dolls Arrive in Gay Court Dress; Gifts of Gratitude to American Children

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 25 (AP).--Fifty-eight Japanese dolls, correctly arrayed in court attire, arrived here today aboard the liner Tenyo Maru as an expression of the friendship of the children of Japan for the children of America.

The leader of the dolls, "Miss Dai Nippon," stands nearly three feet high and was the gift of Princess Teru, daughter of the Emperor.

The gift was made to the children of American in return for a shipment of more than 12,000 American dolls distributed to the children of Japan under the auspices of the Committee on World Friendship Among Children.

The dolls, exclusive of the Princess's gift, which was valued at $350, cost $200 each, and the expense was met by 2,610,000 Japanese girls in kindergarten and elementary schools contributing one sen, about one-half cent, each.

They are elaborately dressed in Hama-Chirimen silk, said to be the most luxurious silk made, and are accompanied by miniature ceremonial tea drinking outfits and other accessories.

Every one of Japan's forty-seven prefectures is represented in the collection and, in addition, six of the dolls are named after the largest cities of the empire, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Nagoya, and Yokohama. Two more are from the colonies of Korea and Formosa.

Arrangement for the shipment were made by Viscount E. Shibusawa, assisted by M. Sekiya, Director of the Bureau of General Education of the Department of Education of Japan. The latter accompanied the dolls. He termed himself their "uncle."

The collection will be on exhibition at the City Hall here on Monday and Tuesday. M. Sekiya will present the dolls to Mayor James Rolph Jr., who will accept them on behalf of the children of America.

While no arrangements have been made for their distribution, it was said that the collection might be sent to the Metropolitan Museum in New York for exhibition, after which individual dolls would be sent to the various States. 

All 58 Dolls at Kinmon Gakuen in San Francisco

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