Miss America
Miss America with the toy gifts given by the Empress of Japan
One doll, Miss America, represented the entire country of the United States when she traveled to Japan with over 12,000 of her friends. She received special attention when she arrived in Japan in 1927, and a special picture postcard of her was even issued. 

Miss America and 48 other American dolls, representing each of the states, went to the Imperial Palace as guests for six days, where many children of the Imperial household came to see them. Miss America remained at the Palace for some time as the playmate of Shigeko Teru, the one and a half year old daughter of the Emperor and Empress.

Miss America with passport
 Later in 1927, the Empress bestowed the gift of a two-story doll house, which was put in the Tokyo Educational Museum in Ueno Park. After the house was constructed, Miss America went to live there with her 48 other friends.

In 1945, some display items at the Museum were damaged by a nearby air raid, and the doll house where Miss America had lived was also destroyed.


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Photos used with permission of Yokohama Doll Museum
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