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Blue-eyed Doll Welcoming Ceremony at Sanmi Elementary School (1927)

In 1927, before the beginning of the dark times, Blue-eyed Dolls from America came as friendship ambassadors to connect Japan and America. American and Japanese citizens worked hard to realize "world peace through children." Over 10,000 dolls were given to elementary schools and kindergartens throughout Japan. Children welcomed them enthusiastically. This photograph is a scene from the welcoming ceremony held at Sanmi Elementary School. The children's dress include both Western-style clothes and Japanese kimonos with splashed patterns. On the display stand, Japanese hina dolls can also be seen. The people shown in the photo are about 85 years old now if they are still alive. Giichi Tanaka, Japanese Prime Minister from 1927 to 1929, returned home to Yamaguchi Prefecture from Tokyo to attend the welcoming ceremonies.

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