The Blue-eyed Doll
Scene 11

Many years passed.  One evening, the two men moved the bookcase again in order to take out the doll.

Mr. Sugawara: "Ah, Mr. Kato, she's here. She's not damaged at all. Ah, it was so sad, but she was very patient."

Mr. Kato: "Yes, great."

Mr. Sugawara took out the dust-covered doll from the opening, removed some dirt, and handed her to Mr. Kato.

Even though the doll was dirty and the color of her dress was faded, she showed the two men her cute smile in the same way as long ago.

Mr. Kato was relieved. He quietly talked to the doll while gently arranging her stray hairs.

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Story and Pictures: Tomomi Shoji
Production: Miyagi Blue-eyed Doll Study Group

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