The Blue-eyed Doll
Scene 5

Child 1: "Mr. Kato, do all American children have such cute faces?"

Child 2: "I'm happy this doll came from so far away."

Child 3: "I'd like to be friends and play with the children in America."

Child 4: "Mary, I'll teach you how to spin a top."

Child 5: "I'd like to play house with you."

Child 6: "Ah, they play house in America!"

Child 7: "Such a cute doll! Maybe Mr. Kato will play also."

Mr. Kato remembered one by one the children's faces from those days, everyone looking happily at the new doll, the delighted girls with their sparkling eyes, and even the boys who usually did not show interest in dolls.

Mr. Sugawara: "Mr. Kato, what's the doll's name?"

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Story and Pictures: Tomomi Shoji
Production: Miyagi Blue-eyed Doll Study Group

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