The Blue-eyed Doll
Scene 6

Mr. Kato: "Her name? It's Mary."

Mr. Sugawara: "It's been about 15 years since she came to this school."

Mr. Kato: "You're right. In those days there were people who gave dolls in order for the children to know the importance of peace so war would not begin. I've heard that many children in America collected donations by doing things like performing plays. Look, this dress is even handmade."

Mr. Sugawara: "Even though such a doll came so far to this rural area, now to do such a thing as burn her."

Mr. Kato: "Mr. Sugawara, why don't we hide her somewhere?"

Mr. Sugawara: "Yes! We should do that."

Mr. Kato: "Behind this bookcase will be best. Let's make an opening and hide her here."

Mr. Sugawara: "Yes, here may be good."

The two men agreed on the plan. They quickly took out everything from the bookcase, cleared the area around it, and made an opening.

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Story and Pictures: Tomomi Shoji
Production: Miyagi Blue-eyed Doll Study Group

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