The Blue-eyed Dolls Today

The Blue-eyed Dolls were given by America in 1927 to Japanese elementary schools. Of the about 12,000 dolls given at that time, there are now only about 300 dolls in existence.

Here at Nishimae Elementary School remain two Blue-eyed Dolls. In Yokohama there are 4 in total, and in Kanagawa Prefecture there are 7 in total.

The Blue-eyed Dolls are located throughout Japan in Hokkaido, Gunma, Nagano, and other prefectures. Many Blue-eyed Dolls remain in Japan. The Blue-eyed Dolls that remain throughout Japan are ones that survived World War II.

Now in Yokohama there is a "Doll Museum," where various types of dolls are kept.

The Blue-eyed Dolls from 1927 are precious items given by America prior to World War II. The various dolls still in existence throughout Japan are kept as gifts from America. During the war the dolls were considered to be gifts from the enemy America, but now in Japan these dolls are preserved with care.

Let's treat these Blue-eyed Dolls with great respect!