Dr. Gulick       1860-1945

For 20 years starting in 1880, he taught as a Christian missionary and a scholar in Matsuyama and Kyoto in Japan.

Mrs. Moore's Trip to Japan and Yokohama

On March 14, 1934, seven years after the Blue-eyed Dolls were given to Japan, 67 Blue-eyed Dolls were assembled in the city of Yokohama, and a grand welcoming ceremony took place at a large auditorium. The Blue-eyed Dolls were displayed, and about 800 elementary school and kindergarten children in the city of Yokohama sang a song to welcome the dolls.

This welcoming ceremony was for Mrs. Moore, a doll lover who came to Japan from America in October of the previous year. Mrs. Moore helped in sending the Blue-eyed Dolls to Japan, and she was the person who sent Miss New Jersey, one of the 48 dolls that represented the states of America.